Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Day of Preschool

LB started preschool the week after Labor Day. He is going to the same school where he did the Parent's Day Out program last year. This year he will be going two mornings a week as part of their 3s program. Parent's Day Out ended up being a great experience for him and I think it served it's purpose. My hope when I signed up him up last year was that it would help with the transition to preschool. Well, when we walked in the building this August, a few weeks before school started to drop off some forms, LB declared, "This is my school!" I took that as a good sign. I started telling him towards the end of August that school was starting again soon and that he would be in the "big kid three year old room" and that he would have new teachers. When we visited before school started the director showed LB his new room and let him play in there for a while. His new teachers sent a letter to the kids with their pictures so we were able to start learning their names before school started. I also pulled out one of our old Music Together CDs with the song about how Mommies and Daddies come back. We listened to it over and over in the car and I loved hearing him belt out, "Whoever takes care of you comes back because they do love you."

The school does a good job of really easing the kids into it. The first day the parents stay for a bit and then just go down the hall for 30 minutes for a parent meeting and then that's it. Super short. The second day school is only an hour and a half. Finally, on the third day they stay the whole morning. On the first day I made sure to take pictures of LB with his new teachers so that I could update his Safety Book. He learned their names really fast this year so I'm glad I knew all these tricks already and wasn't starting from scratch like I was last year.

I attempted to get a few official first day pictures of him at home in the morning but this was the best I could do.

It was a beautiful morning and LB was really in good spirits. I expected a little more nervousness from him. He insisted on carrying his bag into the school. So precious.

Thankfully, there are several kids from his Parent's Day Out class that are now in the 3s room with him. He was happy to see several familiar faces. I stayed and played with him for a while and when it was time for the meeting I told him I would be gone for a tiny bit and he gave me a kiss and off I went. It was such a relief. After school I bribed him with a sucker and begged him to stand in front of the building so I could get a good picture. He accepted my bribe.

Perhaps I was a bit more nervous than he was. That afternoon we went to Tar.get and mid way through our shopping trip I noticed something was missing.

About 10 concerned citizens of Tar.get approached me to make sure I knew my son was missing a shoe, which made me feel a little dumb. Then when I got home D pointed out that I had LB's school name tag on the back of my shirt. I had forgotten he had put that there. At that point, I was feeling super dumb and decided I must have used all my emotional energy to get through that first day and had nothing left. I don't even want to think about what dumb things I will do on LB's first day of kindergarten.

Here's to hoping he has a great school year!


  1. Adorable pictures! So glad the transition went well! I'm always so nervous about any transitions. I love when things actually go well! :)

  2. The missing shoe is cracking me up!